Canadians Celebrate

March 1, 2010

So I clicked on, to take a look at the video of the bridge that collapsed in Chili. And, while I’m waiting for the commercial to end, I’m taking a look at the other videos listed there, and there’s all this death, gloom…storm hits France, Chili survivor stories, nato nations falling behind, Haiti’s race against time….etc. And there’s a thumbnail for “Canadians celebrate”. And it has this guy in a coat with his arms outspread and this huge smile on his face. And then the next video is “looting reported after quake” and so on.

I found it amusing in a perverse way. “CANADIANS CELEBRATE”.

“Hitler found in love nest with Lee Iacocca clone. Canadians Celebrate.”

“Mutant Locust Swarm Eats Hungary. Canadians Celebrate.”

And so on. You’d have to see it to really appreciate why I find this so funny in this horrible kind of way. So, here it is.


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