Brain Case – Part 7

March 15, 2010

She was a normal woman. That’s what I liked best about her. By normal, I mean that she did her woman things and wasn’t embarassed by them. She just accepted that there are just some things that women are inclined to do, no matter what. Things like leaving the toilet seat down, or putting on make up. Some women make a big deal out of NOT wearing makeup. That’s fine. But they act like they’re fighting for a cause, rising up against wearing make up. It’s not fucking physics. Nobody’s forcing you to wear make up, dammit. It’s not like women’s suffrage. You ever read about women’s suffrage, you’ll find out that the women who fought for the right to vote went through fucking hell. Some of ’em were locked up in institutions, given shock therapy or some shit. This coming from a government that was supposed to protect freedom, you know?

So, the doctor was pretty laid back and girly. She also didn’t take any shit off of anyone. I remember the time she told me about finding her husband in bed with a woman, in their own bed. Luckily, the temporary insanity defense worked….thank god for a jury full of women…

No, I’m kidding about that. She never did anything worse than kicking the shit out of him. Turns out the woman he was in bed with had been under the impression that he was a widower. The doc and the other woman ended up suing him for mental anguish. How about that? Getting sued by a woman because you lied to her about your wife being dead. There’s more to it….something about her religion regards adultery as a deadly sin etc and now she was going to hell and mental anguish and blah blah and blah. It really is a funny story though.

But that’s not the really good part. Dr Stevens beat the fucking shit out of the bastard.

I mean, she kicked the ever loving fuck out of him. As she explains it to anyone that listens (and she’s damned happy to talk about it, let me tell you) she took her time. But that’s NOT the best part of the story.

See, she came home, like I said already, and heard a bunch of sex noises coming from the bedroom. She walked in, and sees her husband really giving it to another woman. Stevens wasn’t nearly as pissed off about that as she was that it was in their bed. He didn’t even try to be discrete about it. I said to her that maybe he’d been hoping to have her join in…a sort of impromptu threesome. She just said, “No. He just was a stupid sonuvabitch.”

So she sees him there, apparently he was trussed up, tied to the bed…blindfolded. Oh, yeah. I bet you already know what’s coming next, and you’d be right. She walks into the room…chick he’s screwing has her back to the bedroom door. She taps her on the shoulder, and the girl looks around and her eyes go all wide and Stevens made this “shhhhh” gesture. The girl slides off him. Stevens drags the girl into the living room. See, apparently this wasn’t the first girl he’d given the “my wife is dead” story to.

Her husband had a complete library of pity stories. One of my favorites she told me is that he’s dying of an incurable brain disease. Yeah, he actually said that. So she said to the girl, still whispering of course, “What story was it? Dead wife? Brain illness? Ripped off by a conartist skank and nearly broke?”

“Dead wife…” is all the girl says back to her. Stevens just nodded, like she wasn’t surprised, and said to the girl, “Yeah. That’s his favorite. He used that line to nail a cheerleader.”

Now, here’s the good part. The girl, her name was Andrea, is just fucking furious. Like I said, she was tricked into committing adultery. Never mind that she thought he was a widower. It’s still a sin. Not like premarital sex isn’t, but…that’s one thing. Adultery is another. I guess if you’re going to fool around, you’ve got to have principles, right?

Now, she asks Stevens what she’s going to do. It was pretty obvious that the bastard was screwed. Tied to the bedposts, blindfolded, two pissed off women in the other room trying to decide what to do next…It’s like something out of a movie, I know. What happens next….It’s nothing short of choreography…Sadistic, brilliant choreography.

Alright. I have to explain this, blow by blow. Stevens told Andrea that she was going to go into the bedroom and fuck him, then tear the blindfold off his face after he came and pound his face in. Andrea said to her, “Why let him finish?”

Now, I want you to imagine this. You’re tied to a bed, blindfolded, and a chick is fucking your brains out. She suddenly stops, and disappears for a few minutes, and then comes back in and starts licking your dick. It feels great, and you suddenly realize that it’s even better, because it’s like she’s going at it from two different directions. She says something like “you enjoying this, baby?” And that’s when you realize, fuck me…there’s two tongues down there. And you say “What the fuck is going on?”, but you already know, you dumb bastard. That’s your FUCKING WIFE down there with her, and you’re fucking fucked now. And your eyes don’t even have time to adjust to the light after someone rips your blindfold off before somebody is beating your face in.

And that’s exactly how it went down.

Dr Stevens didn’t play piano again until her knuckles healed.


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