Brain Case Part 10

March 28, 2010

Buck showed up in my room one afternoon, like I said. I watched him go through his papers and pad. And I’m just looking at him, so goddamned tempted to say something smart, like, “Wow. She’s stronger than she looks. How’s the jaw?” He looks up at me and says, “The buzzing from your voice system…That means you’re thinking about something, right?” I say, “Are you asking me what I’m thinking, or just pointing out that I’m capable of thought?” He just smiled at me. “So…a little hostile there. Is it personal, or just on general principle?” I laughed and said “It’s all purpose hostility. How’s the cheerleader?”

Wow, did that piss him off. He tried to get pissed off, anyways, and then I said, “What have you got to be self-righteous about? Your wife beat the hell out of you after catching you cheating on her. YOU have NO claim on getting pissed about it. If it was my ex-wife Holly, and she’d caught you like that, your balls would be gone. Be grateful your wife only gave you broken bones.”

He looks at me kind of funny and says “Yeah. That’s what my dad said to me after I told him about what she did.”

So, Mr. Buck Stevens and I had a good laugh at that. He’d spent about a week studying brain cases, including going over Stevens’ case notes about me, and the notes from the other doctors that I’d had. He looked through some of the medical studies done on brain cases and the effects of long term disembodiment. You’d think there’d be a shorter word meaning “bodiless and sustained in a jar of fluid”. But there isn’t. Anyways.

What he read was disturbing. He flipped through his pages, studying them as I watched the look on his face. Buck would look up at me occasionally and give me a look that I would come to call his “fuck” look. I know I keep dropping F-bombs but…it’s just the way I talk. So he gets done looking, He says, “You’ve got a problem.” And I say to him, “No shit. You going to tell me what it is?” He looks at me, and says “You mean nobody’s told you?”

I didn’t say anything. He looks all serious and all, then finally says “HAH. I’m just messing with you, man.” That sonuvabitch had a mean sense of humor.

We got down to it, at that point, after I got done unloading a stream of expletives too inspired to repeat here. Hey, even I have to have standards. He laughed his ass off. Then I laughed. But, yeah, we got down to it at that point.

He said that the only way he could see a work around for my situation, short of going to court, was to pull a lot of wrangling, calling in favors from every single contact he knew in the system. He even started talking about going to a group of senators in politics…They were in the NADA Party. Got to love a political party whose name is an acronym for “not a dumb ass”. Not officially, of course. But that’s how it started, and you know how those things tend to stick. God, I’ve got a bad habit of going off track. What he wanted to do was make a lot of noise. Sure, I’d been on TV…Had a lot of reporters come in and do interviews with me, and it raised a lot of noise. It’s just that the court order had a lot of teeth. Fucking amazes me, no matter how much time goes by, how shitty Brandenhoff was. But you don’t win a fight like this, no matter how good your press is.

See, the court order was a liability protection paper. What it’s for is to prevent companies from being party to any action that suggests that they have any responsibility for any event that results in harm to an individual.

You may have thought that this whole story was going to be me bitching about being stuck in my head, in a jar of water, but it’s really about getting back at those fuckers that left me hanging in there.


2 Responses to “Brain Case Part 10”

  1. trickmonet Says:

    WAYYY Cool blog, It’s like a comic book that you tune into but without the illustrations.

    • ghoatboy Says:

      Glad you like it…that’s the feel i was going for; i read a lot of graphic fiction, and it started off as a very quick piece that I started expanding on as time went on, a little here, a little there, and I’m incidentally using the comic book serialization model for it.

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