People are angry at BP; they are sickened and horrified. Even those of us with a sick sense of humor, who can usually find something funny in just about anything, no matter how wrong it is, are sickened and can find nothing funny in what has happened.

BP will never have to worry about paying for what they’ve done. And the reason is not what you’d think it is.

People have simply gotten used to not giving a damn. Even at our angriest, we don’t do anything. We lose our job in a massive layoff while corporate execs keep making the same salary? We don’t do anything. We just collect unemployment and look for another job. We get a ticket when we know damned well it’s unfair to pull us over for doing 10 miles over in the speed limit when it’s just going with the flow of traffic, and we pay the fine and watch our insurance go up. We eat it. And for all our righteous anger over BP, we’ll eat that as well. Because one of the things we’ve gotten really good at in the United States is swallowing our anger and not putting up a fight.

To me, that’s as bad as what BP has done.

To be fair, BP is a business. They’re in the business to make money, and it just so happens that a good chunk (ok, an ungodly chunk) of their cash comes from the oil business. They’re in to watch their bottom line. As disgusting as it is, it’s true. Of course, it doesn’t help a business when watching your bottom line and not paying up for a 500,000 $ part ends up costing you a lot more in the long run. But I digress.

We don’t allow our anger the full attention it deserves. It’s not apathy so much as pure laziness. It’s easier to ignore a problem than to fight what caused it in the first place. More than that though…

We focus our anger in the wrong ways. Whether it be by laughing at parodies of BP, ala the coffee spill video floating on the internets right now, or some other source of amusement…ranting on Google Buzz or Facebook or Twitter…none of us are doing anything proactive other than acknowledging that it is Bad. And sooner or later, when the media stops reporting it, we’ll forget the hundreds of thousands of people that are effected, and all the sea life and wild life on the shores of the gulf states, that are effected…just like we always do.

It’s not that we don’t care. It’s that we don’t care enough to do something about it. In the old days, people would write or call their congresspeople. ┬áSo, what do we do to let Congress know that we never want this to happen again?

It doesn’t matter to you, out there in Cyber Space. You can’t be bothered.