August 23, 2012

I’ve been trying to wrap my head around recent commentary made by certain Republicans running for re-election. The furor raised among members of the Republican Party is fascinating. What I find disturbing is the fact that we’ll forget our outrage in a few days and go back to ignoring the far right conservatives that want to force people’s lives in one particular direction. What I find appalling is that it takes something outrageously ridiculous and ignorant, such as an elected official saying that it takes “legitimate rape” for a woman to not get pregnant. This implies that most of the time when a woman claims she was raped and then got pregnant, she on some level enjoyed being raped…and if she enjoyed it, it wasn’t really rape. That’s the elephant in the room, which is that he is implying that if you got pregnant after being sexually assaulted, you must have enjoyed it, or at the very least it was partly consensual. 

I’m going to cite a wiki article, about rape in the Bosnian War.

“Perpetrators told the female victims that they would bear children of the perpetrator’s ethnicity. That they would become pregnant and then be held in custody until it was too late to get an abortion.”

I would like to see a movement begin, on youtube or somewhere else, of women who became pregnant after being raped, coming forward to talk about it, to show the truth to those who are so ignorant that they would believe that it can’t happen. We can’t allow ignorance like this to fester and continue to exist.



August 23, 2012

I often find it curious that people that are “pro-life” are also very often pro-war. It seems to suggest that the only thing they care about is that people are alive, without regard to the actual quality of life that people have. It’s horrifying, really. 

It’s not even that they’re pro-life. I get that. To be honest, I myself am pro-life, that is, anti-abortion. 

There’s a difference though, between myself and social conservatives, as they’re called. The difference is that I do not try to force my idea of a perfect world onto other people. You can’t do that, because there ain’t such a thing. Sure, I’m oversimplifying their thinking for purposes if expediency, but I don’t care. 

The thing I find really fascinating is the people who insist on focusing on things like sex and abortion, because of their religious views, yet they ignore other things that are equally sinful according to their religion…Where’s the outrage over slothfulness and vanity and adultery and murder and greed?